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Urban Calligraphy Featured at Concrete Canvas Book by Lee Bofkin

Just back from London with a great present.

Urban Calligraphy Featured in the Concrete Canvas Book by Lee Bofkin from Global Street Art.The book features works from 300 talented artists from all over the world.Investigating the media the artists work with, the canvases they work on, the themes that arise through their work, and the way their art redefines the spaces in which it is set.

The book also featured as one of the best books of 2014 on Amazon.

Support his effort by geting a copy from Amazon.

urban calligraphy featured at street art book by global street art concrete canvas


Ultima Vale – Latest Mural featuring PichiAvo

“Ultima Vale” where the typography and the iconography met for telling a story with different interpretations that reflects the current days that we live in.An art piece that marks the before and the after of a friendship from the balance between colours and forms.



Urban Calligraphy Featured @ No Cure Magazine Australia, Sept 2014 Issue

Featured at No Cure Magazine Sept 2014 Issue with a 8 page presentation.

No Cure is an Australian indie art culture magazine published four times a year focusing on street art, design, music and pop culture; a cutting-edge look-book of inspiration joining the dots between shit-hot editorial and powerful imagery. So whether you’re suffering from a case of designer’s block or simply want to keep up to date with the latest trends and happenings in creative culture, No Cure provides a prescription-only dose of inspiration with each issue.

No Cure is available at  news agents and boutique stores around Australia and New Zealand. Yearly subscriptions, single magazines and back issues.

Also available to be purchased online from their online store here



The new Urban Calligraphy film “Lucid Dream” online now!

“Lucid Dreaming” is an act of rebellion. The dreamer gains control over his actions and thoughts. The subconscious becomes conscious, dreams become a memory.

The Lucid Dreamer is like a magician, imposing willpower and constantly struggling with himself, to master his skills and gain full control of the dream, thus becoming the ruler of the maze instead of a single puppet in the paradox black hole of perception.

In life, in creation, there are times that everything seems pointless and dark. Shadows of doubt are casted upon each and every soul, trying to bring them down and enslave them.

But Simon knows and likes to remind us in this calligraphy film, that gaining control of your actions, gaining control of your life, these are the first steps of making your dreams come true.

Latest Interview @ D&D Magazine Colombia 2014

Information about the Magazine:

The D&D is an advertising and graphic design magazine, created for  young generatios who want to widen their visual and communicational view.

Featured as front cover with the artwork ” Circle of Life” plus a 10 page Interview. You  can read the online version of the Magazine from page 36 HERE


Seventh Heaven “Latest Mural” featuring Kraser

There are times in life that great joy overcomes your head and satisfaction fulfills your heart. Even if something bad happens, something unexpected, nothing can bring you down. It’s because you are finally at home. You are in Seventh Heaven.


Urban Calligraphy Featured @ Ollie Magazine Japan, JAN 2014 Issue

After a successful Show in Tokyo the last August…We are back again!

Urban Calligraphy / Simon Silaidis
Featured at “Ollie Magazine Japan” JAN 2014 Issue.

Ollie is a magazine for skateboarders. It features articles on skateboarding, art, fashion and music and skateboard culture. A very active street culture magazine with a circulation of 300,000.


The Unforgiven – Latest Calligraphy Mural


Amen – Latest Calligraphy Mural

On the way to proceed my new mural facing my own fears…


Decipher 3D Code – Latest Project

New Comission work for 3D Graphix Creative Studio.
Urban Calligraphy Simon Silaidis / Brush & Acrylics

IMG_8570 IMG_8546